X-ray and diagnostics

Diagnostics using x-rays (panoramic and dental)

X-ray examination is one of the main and mandatory diagnostic methods in dentistry, with the help of which the doctor confirms the preliminary diagnosis and diagnoses pathologically symptomatic symptoms that have not manifested themselves.

Radiography is part of quality dental treatment. The initial consultation at the GlamSmile Laser medical center involves an X-ray examination (panoramic image or 3D diagnosis) with subsequent analysis of the data on the basis of which a treatment plan will be drawn up.

In such way, the doctor can determine:

  • the depth of the tooth lesion.
  • The condition of the root part and periapical tissues.
  • the presence and volume of inflammatory processes
  • identify pathology of the dentition and bone structures.
  • correctly plan endodontic, surgical (removal, implantation), orthodontic and periodontal treatment.

With the help of radiography, the doctor manages to recognize a dental disease in a timely manner and proceed to its effective treatment.

An X-ray examination is also carried out in the process of almost any treatment, which makes it possible to verify the correctness of the performed manipulations and to observe in the dynamics the process of regeneration of hard tissues.

Despite the need for x-ray studies before and during treatment, it is important for us to minimize radiation exposure to the patient. In our practice, we use a high-tech tomograph PaX-i3D from Vatech. It combines the functions of an orthopantomograph and a cone-beam computed tomograph, and allows you to take pictures of patients of any height and physical complexion, regardless of whether they are sitting or standing during the study. This device also allows you to carry out x-ray diagnostics of children.

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