Therapeutic dentistry


Name of service cost (UAH)
Consultation 400,00
Preparation of a preliminary treatment plan, diagnosis 1500,00

Anesthesia: UAH
Application 50,00
Infiltration 220,00
Conduction 300,00
Medication sleep (per 1 hour) 4500,00

Medication sleep includes:

  1. Intravenous administration of sedatives of the latest generation.
  2. It is carried out under the constant supervision of an anesthetist.
  3. Constant monitoring of vital signs (pulse oximetry, measurement of blood pressure, respiratory rate).
Caries treatment, tooth restoration:

Filling: UAH
Glass ionomer cement 700,00
Photopolymer from 750 to 1250

Art restoration of teeth: UAH
Art restoration of a tooth for 1 tooth from 2500 to 3600

Therapeutic dentistry is engaged not only in the treatment of dental diseases, but also in prevention. Today, prevention in medicine is a global trend, and we at GlamSmile adhere to the same principles. After all, any problem is easier to avoid than to eliminate the consequences, the same applies to health problems. That is why we recommend regular examination by a general practitioner, which allows not only to conduct timely diagnostics, but also to monitor the state of the oral cavity in dynamics.


However, in most cases, treatment is necessary and our therapeutists are ready to provide the best treatment plans possible. Regardless of the type of procedure (caries treatment, art restoration, endodontic or periodontal treatment), everything happens in our GlamSmile medical center in comfortable conditions, painlessly and, if desired, while watching your favorite movie or series.

We regularly monitor innovations in the world of dentistry and are ready to offer you the most effective and painless treatment methods. One of them is laser treatment. Laser therapy is a completely painless procedure, eliminating the appearance of cracks during treatment. It also prevents secondary caries, since the cavity is sterilized during the preparation of hard tissues. With the help of a laser, only infected areas are affected, which ensures the maximum preservation of healthy tooth tissues.

What to expect during my first visit?

During your first visit to the GlamSmile Medical Center, a general practitioner will be waiting for you: a conversation with a doctor, during which you will study the features of your diet and lifestyle, auxiliary diagnostic methods (CT, orthopantomogram) will be carried out and a treatment plan drawn up taking into account clinical data examination, x-ray diagnosis and patient wishes.

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