Surgical dentistry

Surgical dentistry includes surgical interventions in the oral cavity on soft and hard tissues.

Surgical treatment in dentistry is used if necessary:

  • tooth extraction
  • soft tissue plastics (gingivoplasty, frenulotomy)
  • implantation followed by restoration of the crown of the tooth
  • treatment of reimplantitis followed by reimplantation
  • elimination of inflammation caused by complications of caries and untimely endodontic treatment (operations in the apical region in order to eliminate the inflammatory focus and preserve the tooth)

Surgical manipulations are performed as planned:

  • removal of retarded and supernumerary teeth
  • preparation before orthodontic treatment (tooth extraction, frenulotomy)
  • preparation before prosthetics (gingivoplasty, extraction of teeth destroyed below the gum level)
  • in the case of a fracture of the tooth root and when it is impossible to carry out successful endodontic treatment.

So in an emergency, with an acute inflammatory reaction, accompanied by a temperature above 38.0 C, swelling and difficulty opening the mouth.

The implementation

Surgical dentistry is both a preparatory stage before the main treatment (implantation before the orthopedic and frenulotomy before the orthodontic), and the main measure aimed at eliminating the focus of inflammation.


All surgical interventions are performed under anesthesia. At the GlamSmile Laser Medical Center, local anesthesia and sedation are possible, depending on the indications and desires of the patient. Treatment with general anesthesia is carried out as planned, after consultation with the operating surgeon and anesthetist, who will prescribe a series of tests based on which all the medicines used during treatment and subsequent rehabilitation will be individually selected.

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