Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is an area in which a doctor mobilizes all his best professional and personal qualities. The child’s first visits to the dentist are especially important, at this moment the foundation of trust and the possibility of further interaction are laid.

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The basis of pediatric dentistry is, first of all, prevention, as well as modern treatment, which will ensure the future health of the whole body of your child. During active growth, the children’s body is susceptible to environmental influences. And if in adults diseases can develop for years and for a long time do not bother, then for children a fast and active course of diseases due to the active growth of the whole organism is characteristic. Acute caries of temporary (milk) teeth can jeopardize the rudiments of permanent teeth, which is why it is so important to conduct early diagnosis and timely treatment.


At GlamSmile Laser, our doctors start taking a small patient from an acquaintance, then turning treatment into a game. Sometimes this requires several visits in order to avoid the formation of phobias in the future, which can also be followed in adulthood. In the event that your child has many dental problems and communication problems, we offer treatment under medical sleep.

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