Prosthetics is the second life for your smile.

A correctly prophylactic strategy chosen by the dentist, following the patient’s recommendations and regular follow-up examinations once every half a year ensure a healthy and beautiful smile without radical interventions.

Nevertheless, each person may have a number of problems that from time to time are disturbing or aesthetically unsatisfying, not allowing them to be confident and fully like themselves. Indeed, the loss of even one tooth in many people causes psychological discomfort, can change the bite, cause displacement of other teeth, and also lead to complications and subsequent deformations. To avoid such problems, dental prosthetics help thanks to which a person of any age can acquire a natural and healthy smile.

Orthopedic dentistry is involved in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of defects in teeth and dentitions, and is also an important component in the complex treatment of diseases of periodontal tissues, temporomandibular joint, and the dentition in general.

Types of Dental Prosthetics

The GlamSmile Laser uses three main types of prosthetics:

  • removable
  • fixed
  • over-denture.

Fixed prosthetics is the most comfortable and, subject to certain recommendations, guarantees an excellent result and a long service life, in contrast to composite direct restorations. Fixed structures over the years fulfill their function and have a natural appearance.

The GlamSmile Laser offers the following types of fixed structures:

  • Veneers, tabs.
  • Crowns
  • Bridge restoration.
  • Crowns on implants.

Crowns are made of various materials, however, we prefer ceramic (E-MAX), which meet all the requirements of function and aesthetics, while being the most biocompatible, in contrast to structures made using metal. In the manufacture of bridges, the support is not teeth, but implants, which allows to achieve a stable result and minimize possible complications. Thus, two implants are a support, and the gap between them is occupied by an orthopedic design, restoring the crown part of the missing tooth.
Removable dental prosthetics consists of minimal intervention in the dentition and is fixed on the abutment teeth due to anatomical retention (without violating the integrity of the abutment teeth). Removable structures are very simple and understandable to use and care, all that remains is to come to your dentist for a follow-up examination once every half a year.


Orthopedic treatment can begin immediately, and may require certain preparatory measures (surgical, orthodontic). Therefore, orthopedic treatment always begins with consultation and drawing up a detailed treatment plan taking into account the given clinical situation and the patient’s wishes.

We use the latest treatments

Today, prosthetics is a unique opportunity to combine health, function and aesthetics. And subject to the recommendations of the doctor and minimal efforts on the part of the patient, it helps to maintain a long-term result that will please you every day for many years.

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