Orthodontics is involved in the prevention and treatment of malocclusion caused by abnormal structure and formation of the dentition (deformations, curvatures, defects). Due to which there are violations of the function of speech, food intake and distortion of the facial contours.

To date, the pathological nature of the bite, in its greater or lesser manifestation, is a fairly common problem. The reason for this can be both birth defects and the effect of external factors on the body during the period of active growth and formation of the body.

Even if, from the point of view of aesthetics, everything suits you, but headaches, tinnitus, crunching in the joints or certain difficulties while eating are periodically disturbed, there is reason to think about consulting with an orthodontist dentist.

An occlusion that is not corrected in time can cause both the above symptoms and tooth decay due to overload (most often begins with the appearance of cervical defects within the enamel and increased sensitivity). Therefore, we recommend that even if you or your child is not worried, make an appointment with an orthodontist for an examination and diagnosis. Timely intervention, especially during the period of active growth of the child, significantly reduces the duration of treatment and guarantees a stable result.

Types of Braces

When correcting deformation, the main tool is the braces. At GlamSmile Medical

Center, we offer the following bracket systems:

  • metal
  • ceramic

Each of these types has its own characteristics and different cost, it is set depending on the condition of the teeth and the wishes of the patient. Nevertheless, no matter what bracket system you choose, it provides a high-quality result subject to certain wearing rules and the regimen of visiting your dentist during treatment.

Metal bracket system: made of non-corroding metal, creates minimal friction between the arc and the groove. In addition, the cost of installing a bracket system made of metal is the lowest. However, from an aesthetic point of view, the metal is quite noticeable when talking and smiling.

Ceramic braces are almost invisible, while they are also securely fastened and perform the same work as metal ones. Caring for a ceramic and metal bracket system is no different.


An orthodontist uses different methods of treatment depending on the severity of each case: surgical, hardware, hardware-surgical, functional.

Treatment takes place in two stages:

  • active (elimination or correction of anomalies)
  • retention (treatment consolidation and prophylaxis).

We use the latest trends in treatments

If you are not satisfied with any of the above bracket systems, we are ready to offer you the most aesthetically acceptable and almost imperceptible treatment option. This is the InvisAlign system. After a special diagnosis, a cap set for daily use will be specially made for you in the USA (22 hours a day). The mouthguards are thin, transparent and can be removed in one motion, but at the same time they are firmly attached to the teeth. Thus, you can not change your usual food preferences for 2 hours a day, during important meetings, remove mouth guards and feel as confident as possible.

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