Laser Dentistry

A laser is a technical device that converts electrical energy into optical light.

The use of lasers in dentistry makes it possible to completely change the usual idea of dental treatment. Thus, it becomes possible to minimize such inevitable repulsive factors during treatment, such as:

  • excessive bleeding.
  • loud noise of a working dental unit.
  • prolonged preparation of tooth tissues during the treatment of caries.
  • long periodontal treatment.
  • Laser treatment benefits

Advantages of laser treatment

The laser beam not only has a sterilizing effect, but also stimulates the metabolism in the underlying tissues, which allows it to be used in endodontics, periodontics, and in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity. The laser beam not only does not have a harmful effect, but also promotes tissue regeneration, including bone tissue.

Laser whitening

It is also possible to carry out cosmetic procedures using a laser, one of which is teeth whitening.

Laser whitening, today, is one of the most gentle bleaching options. The laser beam acts on the whitening gel with a frequency at which the whitening components are activated instantly, which reduces the duration of exposure of the gel to the tooth and thus reduces its destructive effect on the enamel.

At the same time, reducing the risk of tooth sensitivity after whitening, and in some cases completely eliminating any discomfort after the procedure.

Where applicable

Using the laser, you can carry out the following manipulations:

  • treatment of caries and its complications.
  • treatment of periodontal disease.
  • teeth whitening.
  • removal of the bracket system.
  • surgical interventions.
  • minimally invasive implant placement.
  • minimally invasive preparation for fixing veneers.

All of the above services are available at the Glam Smile Laser medical center and are regularly conducted by our doctors.

Laser treatment of periodontal disease at Glam Smile Medical Center

Since the laser, excising the affected inflammatory tissues, has antiseptic and hemostatic properties at the same time, it is an ideal tool for treating periodontal diseases. Providing not only high-quality, but also atraumatic treatment with a long-term positive prognosis (subject to the recommendations and supportive therapy of your dentist).

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