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Laser dentistry – the most modern way of safe treatment

The use of a laser in dentistry is a breakthrough in modern medicine. Painful methods of treating periodontal and oral mucosa remain in the distant past. They are being replaced by techniques whose main goal is not only effective treatment, but also patient comfort.
How is the treatment process going?

A laser is a high-precision instrument that acts on a damaged area using a beam of directed energy. The power of such energy is regulated by the doctor depending on the purpose of the procedure. For safety purposes, the doctor and patient use special glasses or protective shields. The accuracy of the direction of the beam allows you not to affect healthy tissues and cells, and to achieve the maximum treatment result in a few minutes. The surface of the tissue processed by the laser is slightly heated, therefore, at the time of manipulation, the tissues are cooled by water. Laser therapy in dentistry has such a positive effect on the treatment of various diseases that its analogues in medicine do not yet exist.
Laser Treatment Benefits

Painless – the effect of the laser on the tissue is not felt by the patient. For this reason, for example, laser treatment of gums is considered the most effective compared to traditional methods.
The ability to conduct treatment without anesthesia. Using a laser is most relevant for those who suffer from all sorts of allergies, including drugs.
Laser dental treatment prevents relapses or other diseases at the treatment site. Bacteria and damaged cells are removed so qualitatively that after treatment for a long time, an antibacterial effect is maintained that does not allow diseases to develop.
Very fast recovery period. Laser treatment of gums is carried out bloodlessly, when the laser contacts the tissue, the damaged capillaries are instantly sealed, there are no scars and bleeding does not occur.
Sterility of the procedure. With the oral cavity and damaged areas in it there is no contact of any instruments, only a beam of energy. Therefore, the introduction of any infection is absolutely excluded.
Patient comfort during the procedure. The laser does not emit any sounds, does not create vibrations and does not cause any sensations in the patient. In this case, the procedure usually lasts several minutes. Treatment will deliver only satisfaction from the result.

Laser dentistry is now an indispensable companion of almost all areas in dentistry. Glamsmile – the center of dentistry in Kiev conducts all types of dental and gum treatments with a laser. We offer not only laser dental treatment, but also laser teeth whitening, surgery, preparation for implantation and much more. Seeking treatment from our highly qualified specialists will provide you with an unsurpassed result without any discomfort.

Professional hygiene

A healthy smile is a guarantee not only of your beauty, but also of the health of the whole organism. Regular thorough oral hygiene prevents diseases of the teeth and gums, eliminates problems at the initial stage of their development, and reduces the cost of expensive treatment of running processes. Daily care at home is not enough, since only professional brushing can remove tartar and deposits on tooth enamel.

Aesthetic dentistry currently has the most advanced method of brushing your teeth – using ultrasound. Since its inception, this method has won the trust of doctors and patients as the most effective and painless.

Ultrasonic toothbrushing can be carried out even during pregnancy, since the method is absolutely safe. For women in position, this is especially important, since the timely removal of plaque from the teeth is the key not only to the mother, but also to the unborn child.

The technology of ultrasonic brushing

To carry out brushing, the doctor uses a special apparatus – an ultrasonic skyler. The waves that it emits penetrate plaque and other deposits, cleansing them. In this case, the device is individually configured by the doctor. For each patient, the intensity of the waves and the degree of their penetration into the plaque-affected areas of the teeth are selected. This allows you to not affect healthy tissue teeth.

The method is painless, but the doctor may apply anesthesia in some cases. For example, if ultrasound is necessary under the gum or the patient has a special sensitivity of the teeth.

Unlike mechanical cleaning, when using ultrasound, the patient does not experience any pain. The procedure usually lasts no more than one hour. After its completion, the teeth acquire an absolutely smooth surface, gloss and unsurpassed purity.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Toothbrushing

Painlessness. Unlike mechanical brushing, abrasive materials do not affect the surface of the enamel, so the patient does not experience any pain.
Efficiency. No other technique allows brushing teeth as effectively as using ultrasound.
Prevention of caries and other diseases. Professional brushing guarantees the destruction and prevention of bacteria in the oral cavity, leading to diseases not only in the oral cavity, but also in the whole organism.
The return of natural white enamel. During cleaning of the tooth surface from plaque and deposits, the enamel becomes more snow-white. This is possible thanks to the gentle effect of ultrasound.
Increased tooth resistance. Ultrasound toothbrushing before performing other procedures provides a more rigid adhesion of the enamel to other materials. This is necessary, for example, when fluorinating or installing a seal.

Contraindications to ultrasonic brushing:

without anesthesia, this method of cleaning is not recommended for those who suffer from hypersensitivity of the teeth or have very advanced forms of diseases of the teeth or gums;
ultrasonic cleaning should not be carried out in case of allergic reactions to salt, fluorine, soda, anesthetic and some other allergies. It is important that you report any allergies to your doctor before the procedure;
the presence of implants, braces or fixed prostheses can complicate the procedure or make it impossible. In such cases, the cleaning is evaluated by the doctor individually;
cleaning is contraindicated for children and adolescents during the period of bite change.

The GlamSmile Center for Aesthetic Dentistry provides the highest level of ultrasonic cleaning of teeth. Our doctors will carry out the procedure on high-tech equipment and give further recommendations for dental care. The health of your teeth is our concern!

Orthodontics in dentistry

Dentist orthodontist is a specialist in the correction of dentoalveolar anomalies. In the modern world, the services of highly qualified doctors in this specialty are especially relevant. After all, they are the creators of your even, radiant, white-toothed smile, which serves as a guarantee of success in life and career.

Nature has not awarded all of us with even rows of teeth that fit tightly together and form an ideal bite. Dentistry has evolved over the years to find new ways to align teeth that are not only effective, but also comfortable for patients.

Correction of the bite is a complex and purely individual process. For each patient, the dentist orthodontist selects an individual method and technology. That is why it is so important to contact a specialist of the highest level who is able not only to conduct the treatment correctly, but also to predict its result as accurately as possible.
Teeth alignment is not a whim, but a necessity

The maximum effect of correcting various defects is achieved at an early age. The sooner the child is diagnosed with an incorrect bite and measures are taken to correct it, the easier it will be to undergo treatment. The lack of treatment or its incorrect tactics can lead to respiratory failure, the development of speech and other diseases.

Contrary to popular belief that correction of the bite is the prerogative of only children, and for adults it is more aesthetics than treatment, it is worth noting that malocclusion in adults can also cause a number of serious diseases of the body. That is why you can not put off a visit to the dentist.
Braces without teeth

Until recently, the most common methods for correcting dentoalveolar defects were those that use special metal structures that exert pressure on precisely defined areas of the jaw, literally causing the dentition to take the correct position. Medicine has constantly evolved, offering more and more new types of becket-systems, which differ not only in the degree of effectiveness, but also in the level of inconvenience delivered to the patient.

Teeth alignment has always been associated with braces, their aesthetics, the difficulty to hide from others and the need for constant thorough care.

The most recent development are techniques that preclude the use of such systems with superior efficiency. These include:

installation of a plate of hard polymers in the sky;
dental crowns and other technologies.

Glamsmayl – the center of dentistry in Kiev provides all types of orthodontic services. Our doctors have tremendous experience in the treatment of various dentofacial anomalies, including the most difficult cases. For each patient, individual treatment is selected with the guarantee of an excellent result in creating your charming, and most importantly – a healthy smile.

Aesthetic Dentistry

In the modern world, a healthy smile with even white teeth means success in a career and personal life. To create it, aesthetic dentistry is used – a direction similar to plastic surgery for the body. In the West, aesthetics of teeth has long been very popular. And now you have the opportunity to find a dazzling smile in Kiev using world technologies, but at affordable prices.

Elimination of imperfections, teeth whitening to create a Hollywood smile or even a complete occlusion correction are the tasks that aesthetic medicine successfully copes with.

The GlamSmile Center for Aesthetic Dentistry in Kiev provides a full range of services in this area using high-tech equipment, which allows you to achieve a truly irresistible smile.
The procedures carried out by our center:

Restoration of teeth. By nature, not everyone is given smooth, beautiful teeth that fit snugly together and have the same size. Teeth also change with age, they wear out, are negatively affected or damaged as a result of diseases. In such cases, the patient needs aesthetic restoration of the teeth. During such an operation, a damaged tooth is brought into such a state that it cannot be distinguished from a healthy one. At the same time, its functions are fully restored, and therefore the tooth will be absolutely natural, and not an artificial replacement.
Teeth whitening. A white-toothed smile is a sign of health and success. In order to achieve maximum whiteness of the teeth, various methods are used – laser whitening, photo whitening, and others.
Teeth cleaning. Professional regular cleaning of the oral cavity at the dentist is the key to the health of the whole human body. At home, it is impossible to achieve maximum removal of bacteria and plaque in hard to reach places.
Installation of veneers. This procedure provides absolutely smooth, snow-white teeth. Veneers are made of porcelain by casting a patient’s teeth. To begin with, the doctor carefully removes the thinnest layer from the upper surface of the tooth, then imposes individually made veneers. When you keep your own teeth, you get a whole new smile.
Installation of braces. The braces system is installed for a long time to correct the bite. Braces can be removable or non-removable. The duration of wearing such devices pays off with perfectly straight teeth and the correct bite.
Tooth decoration. To give the appearance of individuality and special charm, one or several teeth can be decorated with precious or semi-precious stones. The procedure is safe, and if desired, the jewelry can be removed at any time.

The GlamSmile Center for Aesthetic Dentistry in Kiev conducts all types of aesthetic operations. Our highly qualified specialists apply the most advanced technologies of aesthetic medicine. We can offer not only the treatment of any diseases of the teeth and oral cavity, but also any operation to create your irresistible smile at the highest level and at affordable prices.