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The use of a laser in dentistry is a breakthrough in modern medicine. Painful methods of treating periodontal and oral mucosa remain in the distant past. They are being replaced by techniques whose main goal is not only effective treatment, but also patient comfort.
How is the treatment process going?

A laser is a high-precision instrument that acts on a damaged area using a beam of directed energy. The power of such energy is regulated by the doctor depending on the purpose of the procedure. For safety purposes, the doctor and patient use special glasses or protective shields. The accuracy of the direction of the beam allows you not to affect healthy tissues and cells, and to achieve the maximum treatment result in a few minutes. The surface of the tissue processed by the laser is slightly heated, therefore, at the time of manipulation, the tissues are cooled by water. Laser therapy in dentistry has such a positive effect on the treatment of various diseases that its analogues in medicine do not yet exist.
Laser Treatment Benefits

Painless – the effect of the laser on the tissue is not felt by the patient. For this reason, for example, laser treatment of gums is considered the most effective compared to traditional methods.
The ability to conduct treatment without anesthesia. Using a laser is most relevant for those who suffer from all sorts of allergies, including drugs.
Laser dental treatment prevents relapses or other diseases at the treatment site. Bacteria and damaged cells are removed so qualitatively that after treatment for a long time, an antibacterial effect is maintained that does not allow diseases to develop.
Very fast recovery period. Laser treatment of gums is carried out bloodlessly, when the laser contacts the tissue, the damaged capillaries are instantly sealed, there are no scars and bleeding does not occur.
Sterility of the procedure. With the oral cavity and damaged areas in it there is no contact of any instruments, only a beam of energy. Therefore, the introduction of any infection is absolutely excluded.
Patient comfort during the procedure. The laser does not emit any sounds, does not create vibrations and does not cause any sensations in the patient. In this case, the procedure usually lasts several minutes. Treatment will deliver only satisfaction from the result.

Laser dentistry is now an indispensable companion of almost all areas in dentistry. Glamsmile – the center of dentistry in Kiev conducts all types of dental and gum treatments with a laser. We offer not only laser dental treatment, but also laser teeth whitening, surgery, preparation for implantation and much more. Seeking treatment from our highly qualified specialists will provide you with an unsurpassed result without any discomfort.