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In the modern world, a healthy smile with even white teeth means success in a career and personal life. To create it, aesthetic dentistry is used – a direction similar to plastic surgery for the body. In the West, aesthetics of teeth has long been very popular. And now you have the opportunity to find a dazzling smile in Kiev using world technologies, but at affordable prices.

Elimination of imperfections, teeth whitening to create a Hollywood smile or even a complete occlusion correction are the tasks that aesthetic medicine successfully copes with.

The GlamSmile Center for Aesthetic Dentistry in Kiev provides a full range of services in this area using high-tech equipment, which allows you to achieve a truly irresistible smile.
The procedures carried out by our center:

Restoration of teeth. By nature, not everyone is given smooth, beautiful teeth that fit snugly together and have the same size. Teeth also change with age, they wear out, are negatively affected or damaged as a result of diseases. In such cases, the patient needs aesthetic restoration of the teeth. During such an operation, a damaged tooth is brought into such a state that it cannot be distinguished from a healthy one. At the same time, its functions are fully restored, and therefore the tooth will be absolutely natural, and not an artificial replacement.
Teeth whitening. A white-toothed smile is a sign of health and success. In order to achieve maximum whiteness of the teeth, various methods are used – laser whitening, photo whitening, and others.
Teeth cleaning. Professional regular cleaning of the oral cavity at the dentist is the key to the health of the whole human body. At home, it is impossible to achieve maximum removal of bacteria and plaque in hard to reach places.
Installation of veneers. This procedure provides absolutely smooth, snow-white teeth. Veneers are made of porcelain by casting a patient’s teeth. To begin with, the doctor carefully removes the thinnest layer from the upper surface of the tooth, then imposes individually made veneers. When you keep your own teeth, you get a whole new smile.
Installation of braces. The braces system is installed for a long time to correct the bite. Braces can be removable or non-removable. The duration of wearing such devices pays off with perfectly straight teeth and the correct bite.
Tooth decoration. To give the appearance of individuality and special charm, one or several teeth can be decorated with precious or semi-precious stones. The procedure is safe, and if desired, the jewelry can be removed at any time.

The GlamSmile Center for Aesthetic Dentistry in Kiev conducts all types of aesthetic operations. Our highly qualified specialists apply the most advanced technologies of aesthetic medicine. We can offer not only the treatment of any diseases of the teeth and oral cavity, but also any operation to create your irresistible smile at the highest level and at affordable prices.