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“GlamSmile Laser” is a Kyiv based dental center where we create smiles for the whole family comfortably and painlessly.

Professionalism and attention to detail

Our center uses high-quality materials and cutting-edge equipment of world manufacturers in the field of dentistry, which guarantees you mdern, comfortable and painless treatment and create your perfect smile. We monitor and implement new technologies in the field of modern dentistry, which makes it possible to offer you the latest global solutions for the provision of dental services.

Laser dentistry is an alternative treatment used in all areas of dentistry. With the help of a laser, it is possible to both whiten and plastic soft tissues and treat tooth decay.

Therapy is a branch of dentistry that deals not only with the treatment of caries, but also with preventive measures aimed at preventing its development.

Professional hygiene is the main event due to which the health of teeth and oral cavity is maintained.

Periodontology – prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases (elimination of mobility as a result of the inflammatory process around the tooth).

Endodontics – treatment of root canals and inflammatory processes around the roots of teeth.

Pediatric dentistry is a section of dentistry that combines the skill of treatment and the ability to find an individual approach to each small patient.

Orthodontics – diagnosis of dentoalveolar anomalies and their correction using orthodontic appliances, braces and an alternative InvisAlign technique.

Orthopedics – treatment of tooth defects (shapes, colors) by means of prosthetics using both fixed (crowns, veneers) and removable structures.

Glam Smile Laser veneers are minimally invasive veneers that recreate the shape and topography of a natural tooth.

Surgery – tooth extraction, treatment of various types of complications of an inflammatory nature, in some cases, the preparatory stage before orthodontic or orthopedic treatment.

Implantation – restoration of defects in the dentition.

X-ray diagnostics – used to diagnose diseases of the oral cavity, confirm a preliminary diagnosis and draw up a treatment plan. The following types of X-ray diagnostics are available at the GlamSmile Laser Clinic: computed tomography (CT), orthopantomogram (Panoramic image), local x-ray diagnostics (in the area of ​​1-2 teeth).

Anesthesiology – both local anesthesia methods and dental treatment using sedation are possible in our clinic.

Top doctors

Meet our team

Irina Semyanova
Chief physician, dentist orthopedist

Nonna Likhacheva
Dentist therapist

Larissa Scherbacha
Dentist therapist

Sergey Ostashuk
Dentist surgeon

Alexey Benedyschuk

Olena Lobanova
Dentist therapist

Andrey Chmyr
Dentist orthodontist

Olexandra Nikolova
Pediatric dentist

Andrey Vavilov
Dentist therapist

Oksana Balakir
Dermatologist, cosmetologist

Cisana Ananidze
Senior nurse

George Ananidze
Dental assistant

Tetiana Rura
Dental assistant

Yulia Semenchenko
Dental assistant

Marina Shumayeva
Dental assistant

Olena Moskovka

Sylvia Mocan


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I have been visiting this dental center for over a year now. Qualified staff, very caring and attentive in dealing

I called to the clinic in the morning and at noon I was already at the reception. I was a

I live in Italy, once a year I come to Ukraine and try to go through all the scheduled examinations

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