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Healthy teeth and a beautiful smile are everyone's desire. As always, the tooth begins to...

During medical sleep, cardiomonitoring is mandatory and all vital indicators (pulse oximetry, measurement of blood...

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Professional team of doctors

GlamSmile – is a team of highly qualified specialists with more than 10 years of experience. All specialists of our medical center regularly enrich their base of knowledge and professional skills.

Innovative eqipment and instruments

Our doctors have at their disposal the latest equipment from leading companies. We cooperate with such companies as: WaterLase, Dentsply Sirona, Straumann, Nobel, Bti, Aligntech (invisalign) and we continuously monitor innovations in the world of medicine and dentistry.

Attention to detail

At GlamSmile, we use the concept that each clinical case, like a person, is individual! And we provide an individual approach to all patients, based on world standards and treatment protocols


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Irina Semyanova
Head doctor of the GlamSmile Laser clinic. Specialty: orthopedic dentistry, total restoration of the dentition, prosthetics on implants.
Chmyr Andrey


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Only this fall!

2 whitening for the price of one + 2 professional hygiene as a gift

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The use of a laser in dentistry is a breakthrough in modern medicine. Painful methods of treating periodontal and oral mucosa remain in the distant past. They are being replaced

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A healthy smile is a guarantee not only of your beauty, but also of the health of the whole organism. Regular thorough oral hygiene prevents diseases of the teeth and

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Caries is a dangerous and complex disease. It proceeds slowly, affects hard tooth tissues and leads to its complete destruction. Caries is also the cause of many serious diseases not